recover, recycle, repeat, re-use, re-tune, re-route, recall, remember, respond, re-tell, re-view, revisit, receive, reset, recreate, rediscover, resist, refer, revolve, re-act, remove, recollect, relax, revolt, regurgitate, recur, resemble, replay, resound, recontextualise, return, reflect, reclaim, reconstruct….


site-specific, minimal drones and fragments, indefinitely sustained, installed performances, deafeningly loud, barely audible, looped sonic junk, sound as physical brute fact, exquisite corpse are david arrowsmith and paul newland prepared guitars and other devices


recent performances by exquisite corpse include The Vibe Bar, Café Oto, Sonic Art Oxford, Crondell St. Underground Car Park Shoreditch, The Book Club, The Old Police Station Deptford, Commonwealth Institute.


exquisite corpse explore the inherently collaborative nature of all music making through the physical presence and brute fact of sound


cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse) a party game invented and played by Andre Breton and fellow surrealists in which each player contributes in part to the drawing of a body.


David Arrowsmith has enjoyed a diverse musical career which has led him to work with, amongst others, Endymion, Icebreaker, London Sinfonietta, Lontano and the Michael Nyman Band. He has also worked with several dance companies including Merce Cunningham and Siobhan Davies. In addition to exquisite corpse, David is also a guitarist in the new music collective [rout].


Paul Newland is a founding member of [rout] and the electric guitar duo exquisite corpse. Recent compositions include surface for the London Symphony Orchestra, situation 1, situation 2 and environment for [rout], 5 for Jane Chapman (amplified harpsichord) and Greg Meyer (dancer) with film and monotonous forest for Ensemble Radius. From ’99-’02 he lived in Japan studying with Japanese composer Jo Kondo. He teaches at Guildhall School of Music and Drama and TrinityLaban.





exquisite corpse